who we are

With every garden Bayley LuuTomes Designs a vision is to create something unique and beautiful with function and style. Our aim is to continually push the boundaries of conventional design to blur the line between art and garden.

We share the passion of environmentally friendly recycling where we can. It’s nice to retain a piece of the old garden within the new.

We work to continually defy preconceptions and pursue innovation. As a team, we infuse our collective creativity, experiences and backgrounds into all of our diverse projects.

With a shared passion for the natural environment, we champion the promotion of environmentally sustainable practices to benefit those who inhabit these spaces.

who is 'us'

Bayley LuuTomes

Bayley LuuTomes is a hands on landscape designer who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Combining his creativity with his love of gardening, Bayley has grafted the two together to produce an award winning combination. His landscape designs are a work of art. Each garden is unique and complements the owners and their home.

Sarah Morgan

What doesn't she do? Sarah is skilled on many levels. She joins us with a background in marketing, managing multi million dollar clients and business. With people skills to sell ice to Eskimo, Sarah has a likeable personality and smile to break any ice. A love for the great outdoors and beautiful gardens makes Sarah a great match.

Show Mom

Bayley's Mom. Provides valuable input on quality control on designs and work. Mom knows best. 'Nuff said.


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