gardening world cup 2013

the glass bottle sanctuary

Take the kiwi love for the great outdoors and add a few Asian style garden principles and you have my interpretation of ‘My county, My culture .’

Up-cycling glass bottles promotes the importance of recycling to keep the planet green.

The curved Koru gives the garden a scene of mystery and wonder. This is the focal point of the garden.

A mixture of colour bedding plants and accent trees are used to from a backdrop to complement this sanctuary. Bamboo is used to create a forest like appearance with a small clearing providing the public a peek from this side.

Compact colour planting on the outside is contrasted with a simplicity and balance on the inside . The glass enclosure provides a sheltered space from the surrounding garden, however still allows you to enjoy the 360 view.

Water surrounds you with tranquil sound as it navigates its way down to the pond. At the heart of the garden you’ll find a fire below providing warmth and light.

At night the glass bottles transform the sanctuary into a stunning illuminated garden sculpture with the plants creating the perfect backdrop.